Our refund policy is here to protect your funds!

As our group having dependability in openness, Our refund policy is indubitable in view of definite morals and values. Customers have right to put a demand of full* or a partial refund at the enlisted situations that if customer is not satisfied with the output.

The request is to be fulfilled under the accompanying circumstances:

  • Get late to convey the appointed due date.
  • Contains less well-researched content without having originality.
  • Promised dealing was not met.
  • The request was not reexamined acceptably.
  • If our customer service staff will not respond your query within 24 hours.

Our customer service staffs are provided to set a request related to discount however the final decision is based the Quality Assurance Department. Our customers are enriched to put a demand of being discounted yet a ultimate conclusion expert lies on the Quality Assurance Department. The minimum time is to accept your request within 7 days after getting last item. If you are unable to send your request within the time given, it is naturally dismisses. QAD have right to decide either accept or reject your refund. It is additionally informed that when a full discount demand is made just 90% of the amount will be given to you.